Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Craft Beer is beer created by small independent companies who are passionate, creative, and fearless when brewing beers that favor quality over mass appeal. Craft Brewers use high quality ingredients to enhance the flavor of their beer, rather than using adjuncts.

Beer is one of the oldest beverages on the planet and its culture and heritage is rich with tradition. The Craft Beer movement is a return to hand crafted, creative, and flavorful beer and it is more available than ever before. The community that supports the Craft Beer movement is a diverse group of people who are passionate about what they drink while supporting independent companies who work hard to bring superior beers to your glass.

Here in the greater New Haven area, we have a collaborative community made up of Restaurateurs and Brewers who want to share their passion of Craft Beer and continue its tradition while promoting truly unique American products. Our purpose is not to compete with one another, but to collectively put forth a week celebrating our community, and to make these incredible craft beers available to you.

BRU Room at Bar, The Cask Republic, Delaney’s Tap Room, Dive Bar, Mikro Beer Bar, New England Brewing Company, and Prime 16 Tap House + Burgers